I'm sure I'm not the first to ponder why there hasn't been a better umbrella until now, or why we still deal with inside-out umbrellas.  Without having looked yet, I'm sure someone has developed an umbrella that will hold its shape in high wind.  Whether that's true or not, I haven't seen one.  But I definitely could have used one of those this morning.


So again, I found myself thinking about where that revolutionary umbrella might be.  I've half-heartedly kept an eye out in the past for a wind-proof umbrella, but have not come across anything of the sort to now.  And I'm typing this on the heels of coming in from the storm, after taking my two kids to school, fighting two giant sized umbrellas all along the way - there and back.  I kept thinking how ridiculous it was, in this day and age, that I was dealing with a half-baked umbrella design that can't even stand up to a "mild" breeze.  There has to be a better umbrella.