I've got to confess that I don't like blogging!  I know.  What am I doing with a blog then...  It was more a technical - 'see if I can do it' - kind of challenge I set for myself when I determined to set up this site and others a few years ago.  Since then I've fairly well established that I do not like writing, er...  typing. 


Meanwhile, my wife nearly drives me bananas about it.  She thinks I should be blogging left right and center.  She thinks I could be making a ton of money at it.  Maybe.  And I do, I mean my wife does with her blogs.  Thing is (sorry to have to harp on it again) I really, really, don't like writing.  And when I do, it rarely, if ever feels "natural" and almost invariable veers off into a rant.  Kind of like this one.  And no one really wants to read one long rant after another.


But tonight, I thought what the heck.  Rant away.  But now I've forgotten what I was going to type!  Oh well.