Evidence will keep piling up inexorably against SSRI drugs and other psychiatric snake oils until that wonderful third stage of truth - the self-evident one - is finally reached.  Meanwhile, these dark drugs will continue being prescribed by braindead physicians who can't even drag themselves to do a simple Google search for examples of the damage they've caused.  And individuals like Eric Harris, James Holmes and now Aaron Alexis will continue to have their finest and best behavioural inhibitions destroyed. 


Naturally, we want to blame something or someone for the tragic shootings of innocent civilians that happened in Virginia on Monday.  I'm no exception.  And I can even tell you exactly who and what is to blame.  But I'm not as interested in that as I am in convincing enough people that these devilish drugs are finally recognized as failed science and we all get to the third stage of truth I already mentioned - as bloodletting and leaching came to be recognized.


But that's easier said than done as this short animated movie so annoyingly - to drug believers - illustrates:



And a final word to anyone using SSRIs: Get off the drugs before you're moral inhibitions are totally gone.



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