The chorus of America haters and bashers has probably been present since the day America was born.  And ironically some of the loudest (at least in their own ears) live right next door - in Canada.  Yes, those self-deprecating, "quiet" Canadians reserve some of their most scathing comments for the holiday dinner table, so that most Americans will never have an inkling that underneath that "nice" exterior bubbles a kind of loathing you'd think should only come from America's worst historical enemies.  But of course there was a time when "Canada" (or the British Upper and Lower Canadian territories as they were then) and the United States were worst enemies, firing real bullets and cannon balls at each other.


The cannon balls have long since stopped, yet not the verbal cannon balls coming mostly from the "United Empire Loyalist" branch of the British colonial family.  As the saying goes, "Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me", and so UEL rants fall to the ground somewhere Toronto and the border crossing at Niagara Falls.  Or do they?


The problem is that there is a UEL currently occupying the White House.  What the British Empire was unable to do by burning it down, they have now done stealthily in a brilliant move perhaps unparalleled in all of history.  How else would you explain the President's applauding efforts to raise taxes like a UEL would argue raising taxes is just basic math.  But the problem is more extensive than that even.  There is a now a huge chorus of "Americans" encouraging their fellow Americans to run into the arms of big government and decrying the anarchy of their revolutionary, liberty loving brothers not unlike the UEL cried as they "escaped" into the arms of the British King and away from those damned Yankees.


But just as a UEL does not, can not, grasp the meaning of New Hampshire's motto, "Give me liberty or give me death", so these new UEL within American borders - within the White House, senate, and everywhere else of importance - are absolutely tone deaf to the bell of liberty.  UEL truly are America's Worst Friends Forever.