I recently "borrowed" my daughter's DS case because it is the perfect size and shape to carry my notes.  Never mind that it is pink and that there are Disney princesses emblazoned on the front, it has a hard shell and a zipper that's perfect for protecting valuable items from the hostile environment of my jacket pocket.  And princess or not, I thought I was confident enough in my masculinity to not have it affect me in the slightest to be caught in public with it.


Well, after enough times furtively pulling my pink princess case out of my pocket trying to avoid the attention of Starbucks patrons near me, I realized I might not be as bullet-proof fashion wise and male wise as I imagined.  It was time to ditch the pink princesses.  But the case works beautifully if only I could disregard the self-respect destroying effect of carrying around a pink purse.  So the only question is, what's the DadSkull solution?


Answer:  Permanent marker.  That's simple I thought.  Just find the nearest blue permanent marker and start marking away.  That's what I thought, until the permanent felt tip marker began to lose its marker mojo.  But obviously, I'm committed now.  A half indelibly marked blue case doesn't work no matter who is carrying it.  Time for DadSkull to think fast. 


First question:  What am I after?  It's not the blue marker.  No, it's the blue ink.  How do you get the blueness out of a blue marker?  How do you even open a blue marker?  Answer:  Exactor knife, vise to hold the marker barrel, and lots of patience. 


Some time later, I'm face to face with the disappointment of not finding some liquid ink at the bottom of that marker barrel that I could simply cover over the pink.  Must. Dig. Deeper. Into. The. DadSkull.  Translation:  'How do you get the ink out of a felt marker cartridge?  Alcohol?'


Bingo!  I soaked the felt in 40% alcohol (kids should not try this at home) and waited for the ink to emerge.  All that was left was to soak the case in the alcohol/ink solution and voila!  Pink case turned blue!