Long before I had kids, if you asked me how hard it would be to get my kids to eat, I'd probably stare back at you blankly.  How hard could it be?  You make something, and put it in front of them.


Well, years later, and plenty of fabulously failed kids dish ideas, I sometimes feel like I'm no closer to finding the secret key to making kids eat at all.  However, I'm practically kicking myself now for not latching onto this one particular trick for making food go down the hatch.  And to illustrate what I mean, here are a bunch of my latest dinner concoctions.  Can you spot the key to getting my kids to reach for that fish and chicken?


If you said, Cheese, you'd be correct.  I'm not Mr. Chef by any means, as you can tell.  Just a Dad trying to get his kids to eat nutritiously.


Of course this doesn't always work, as the example of the tuna casserole and salmon patties shows.  You can't win the all.  Sometimes a bowl of grated cheese and some toast is the only thing left up your sleeve.