This robin seems to like the top of our porch pillar as a nesting location. 



This isn't the first year that a robin has taken up residence here either.  But in one year, the eggs ended up being smashed on the ground somehow without us really knowing how or why.  


This year, I decided to watch more closely to see whether this robin family would have any more success with their nest home.  It would make sense, and I'd like to think that this robin might be the same one, or one of the chicks previously, since animals are supposedly instinctual by nature.  Or maybe this is a brave new couple who have decided on this seemingly precarious home location. 


But as long as the nest remains secure, and the predators don't find the eggs, our porch post does make an ideal nest spot on second thought.  I suppose I'd better think twice before second guessing God's innately intelligent creatures.