If you're wondering how a Hisense smart TV would work fine one day and then stop connecting to Netflix for no apparent reason whatsover the next, you're not alone.  This was the case with our relatively new Hisense TV just a few days ago. 


Actually, the problem first appeared longer ago than that.  But the brain sometimes refuses to engage the issue when the issue first appears and other problems are much more pressing.


But I finally found the motivation, or nerve, to tackle the problem.  And as usual, the problem is not ours alone and there is a faithful crowd of complainants to draw on from the online community.  In this case, we're of course looking for the Hisense TVs not connecting Netflix community.  And a search using that exact term did not let me down.


It certainly helps that there are plenty of others who have experienced the same problem who also voice their experience online in some way.  But it's gold when you find someone who has taken the bull by the horns and wrestled it to the ground decisively.  Because that's apparently the only way one would ever know why a "smart" TV would suddenly stop working with Netflix - aside from wrestling the bull oneself.


So this person went to the trouble of calling Hisense and asking for support.  What a novel idea!  Actually, I'd still rather read through the posts of others experiencing the same problem looking for the solution.  But that's by the by.  The answer this person got is one of those solutions that thankfully works, but still leaves you scratching your head.  So what is it?


Are you ready for this?  Here it is.  If your Hisense TV will not connect to Netflix for some unfathomable reason, the solution is...


Go to menu-audio-balance.  Then push 1969 on your remote.  Go down to factory options.  Go down to clean all.  After it gets done doing that, unplug your TV for one minute then turn it back on.

And who should I thank for this, who had the patience and sense (sorry for the pun) to call Hisense and wait for an hour?  This person here at AskMeFast