I don't believe statistics have much to do with wisdom and understanding.  But since Piers Morgan and the left love playing the statistics game so much, I thought it only fair to respond with some more statistics. 


You may have even heard those who believe in the United States citizenry's right to bear arms point out the many cases of totalitarian government murder of its own citizens as one the arguments against taking guns away from the people.  And you've no doubt heard numerous pundits and shills for the left bring up the high rate of murder by firearm in the United States as their most forceful argument for taking guns from the people.  But you may not have seen how the statistics of murder by dictator compare.


This is only intended as a rough analysis of the odds of dying from your own government vs the odds of dying by lone psychopathic gunman.  But the result will, I think, cancel out any objection to the crudeness of this analysis.  So here goes.


How many people were born in the period roughly covering the 20th century?  How about roughly 13 billion.1.


How many were killed by their OWN governments? ...


Roughly, about 146 million.2.  (Still low compared to another estimate.3.)


How many have been killed in mass shooting incidents in the United States in roughly that same 20th century period?  Let's start by taking the number of 980 between 1980 and 2011.4.


By extrapolation back about a 120 years, at approx. 30 per year, that makes a total of roughly 3600.


Doing the math...  What are the chances of being killed by your own government?


1 in about 89


What are the chances of being killed in a mass shooting? 


1 in 144000


That's pretty convincing if you ask me.  And the next time somebody stands on the graves of murdered children and tries to make political hay for the purpose of infringing the right of the people in America to bear arms, cast their own statistics right back in their face.


1. Population Today, February 1995

2. Gawker

3. University of Hawaii

4. News7 Denver