I'm always looking for natural and organic solutions for the everyday challenges we all face.  And I'm always happy to report what I've found works here in this blog.  So I'm especially pleased to tell you about a natural sunscreen that we used and tested under possibly one of the most sunburn prone environments - Disney in July in the afternoon and Indian Shores Beach, Florida. 


Although the product I'm about to let you in on worked as advertised on the box I must confess that I was skeptical at first when we were getting ready to brave the noon sun at Disney for the first time.  In fact, I almost caved and went for the other non-natural product that we had with us.  But I put the natural product on anyway - on my kids and myself - and headed into the sunshine.


Well, as we arrived back at our resort after the fun and sun, I surveyed the results and was pleasantly shocked to find almost no evidence of sunburn on any of us!  In fact I was still skeptical and wondered if we had gotten any sun at all with all of the indoor excursions and rides we had gotten on and rain later in the day.  However, that was impossible since this was Epcot at the beginning of July at noon.  And although we had been indoors for various activities, we had to have been exposed for a good deal of the time.  Not only that, but the trips to the other three parks the next few days also resulted in no significant burns on any of us.  So I would have to say that this sunscreen works!


Now there are a couple caveats I have to add here.  The product you see here is actually the SPF 40 one whereas the one we used was SPF 27.  Which means that the one here should work even better.  But there other critical thing I have to add is that the specific product that we used does not provide long-lasting water and sweat resistance - if at all - whereas the product pictured above does describe having that resistance.  I'm not sure how much resistance is there.  But I do know that after probably no more than 30 minutes of being in the Gulf of Mexico, we were suffering acute exposure to the sun's rays.  Unfortunately at the time, I was unaware that our protection had gone and we stayed in the sun and surf for much longer than that and ended up with pretty significant sunburns all of us.  Only now do I read the instructions are to re-apply the sunscreen after 40 minutes of being in the water, even with the "enhanced" Water Resistant product shown here.


That being said, I still think this product is a win, even with the necessity of re-application.  And that's mainly because it worked in the non-wet environment remarkably well as well as having only purely natural, non-chemical, ingredients.  We will be using this product again in Nevada shortly.