Over-generalizing childhood can be risky, yet what parent doesn't understand that there are stages in a child's growing up.  For example, moms and dads exchange knowing looks with other store customers as their two year-old screams at the ceiling from the grocery store floor, as if to say, we've been there.  Who hasn't heard of the "terrible twos"?


(An obvious exception to this generalization can be seen in the differences in growth of boys and girls.  Most girls seem to skip the bed-wetting stage entirely.)


Anyway, we're currently in the all-knowing fours stage.  Enough people know this stage that I was able to joke recently in a room full of adults all offering their help as a brand new "smart" TV was being set up, Nobody panic...  We have a four year-old in the room.


But this stage is remarkable for the absolute certainty with which a creature, which has only been present on this earth for four years can blurt out orders and argue with grown-ups who have been around for 40 to 75 years or more.  And if that's not evidence of a divine design for creation, I don't know what else is.