So the "experts" are telling us that the flu would disappear if 80% of us would just get our shot like we're told. See What would wipe out the flu? 


Hmmm. Are those the same "experts" who can't even tell us what strain of flu will hit each year with any better accuracy than the average trader picks a winning stock. Or the same "experts" who have probably never even heard of the concept of the "number needed to treat".


Or the same experts who can't even describe scientifically what happens to an attenuated flu virus when it is injected directly into the human blood stream. Or the same experts who lead us to think that a vaccine is safe because the virus in it is now dead and don't bother to tell us that a virus is never really alive to begin with.


Or the same experts who think that a one-size-fits-all vaccine policy makes any sense medically or ethically, when they know people react in different ways to their drugs and vaccines. Or the same experts who admit that the uptake of the flu vaccine is related to the doubling of the rate of Guillain-Barre syndrome in Quebec. Or the same experts who are mostly silent about other risks associated with taking the flu vaccine.


And are these the same experts who know that the idea of herd immunity - which is what this 80% figure is based on - was never meant to apply in the case of unnatural vaccination but only in nature among "healthy" disease carrying or managing populations? Or the same experts who ignore the multitudes of viruses and diseases that have come and gone throughout history without their vaccines.


Or the experts who never seem to say a damn thing about how to prevent the flu naturally using health alternatives to strengthen the immune system.


And by the way, nice try whoever is running the magazine that the article above was posted in. Thankfully, there's too many of us now who see through your bald-faced deceptions for them ever to achieve anywhere near their stated goal of 80% vaccination of the herd.