It's not laughable that so many people are getting sick and dying of the flu.  What is laughable is that they actually think the flu shot is some kind of panacea and that when they discover that people who HAVE taken the flu still get the flu they try to explain it away with some ridiculous excuse:

"Number one it does take some time for the vaccine to take effect and if you are exposed to influenza a very short time after getting the vaccine you can still get infected," Dr. Michael Jhung, CDC Medical Officer - Flu Division, said."
- anything to protect the paradigm and the DRUG INDUSTRY (...  filthy money loving scum.  God has reserved a special section of the lake of fire for those people.) 

How about this one:

"There is one theory that the outbreak may be due in part to the possibility that the flu vaccine does not include the strain that is currently spreading across the country."

It's not a theory.  THEY MISSED