My daughter laughs at this, but I have found a way to "fix" a pair of ripped pants.  Normally, when you rip your jeans, you either toss them, or continue to wear them with the excuse that they're making a fashion statement.  I'm fairly certain no one bothers to patch them anymore with those square patches.  They're way too tacky even in this unsavvy Dad's opinion. 


So what if you really, really like those old pair of jeans and you're also not really into fashion statements?  Mine usually ended up making a sort of archival pile of old jeans and pants that I could count the years of my life by.  That was until I figured out how to make the best use of that new fabric repairing product I bought on impulse from the grocery store.  Yes, the grocery store of all places.  The product caught my attention because that package promised something about not having to sew the old fashioned way using needle and thread.  That, and I'm too easily convinced by new fangled ideas I guess.


Well, I tried it out soon after I first bought it.  But the pants ended up tearing again, and I almost abandoned the idea.


But then I thought maybe that early failure was because my patch was too small.  So I tried again using a patch area that almost covers the entire front knee. 


So what's different about that?  The patch is on the reverse side of the pants.  And the patch is glued.  The end result is that you don't have any visible patch at all, and the tear is more or less "healed" as seen from the outside.  It's brilliant!  Of course you can tell that there was a rip.  But it's not anywhere near as tacky as having a full-blown patch sewn on the outside of your jeans or pants.